Full-service Digital Support

From a team of passionate creators working side-by-side with our partners to deliver results targeted e-commerce stores & mobile apps.

Digital Development

Starts from strategy planning, Tinyprss assess your business, research competitions and addressable market size to plan out a roadmap for your e-commerce store or mobile app. We have research database to know how much you should be expecting to sell per day, together with 5 years of data to support you.

Design & Creative

Apart from programming, we have in-house expertise on graphic design, video production and photography. We are very particular about getting this right for your brand and products. “Nice design” is not optional, it is compulsory.

Forecasting & Analytics

Our secret sauce, we have a trained investment professional under the hood. We know exactly what kind of ROI and IRR you should expect coupled with skills to do split testing and analytics for your digital marketing campaign. Digital business will most likely be your best venture next to your existing shop, we don’t promise high returns, we know it will be.

We eat our own cooking

So that we experienced all the mistakes ourselves leaving you with the best bites. Are you ready for the menu?